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+ JB Transliner
+ Konsortium (Malaysia)
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+ Unititi Express

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Coach Schedules and Journey Duration

This trip duration is for reference only.


Trip Estimated Duration
Cameron Highlands to Genting Highlands 4:30 hrs
Cameron Highlands to Kuala Lumpur 3 hrs
Cameron Highlands to Singapore 8 hrs
Genting Highlands to Kedah 6:30 hrs
Genting Highlands to Singapore 7 hrs
Johor to Genting Highlands 6 hrs
Johor to Kedah 10 hrs
Johor to Kuala Lumpur 4:30 hrs
Johor to Negeri Sembilan 3 hrs
Johor to Penang 9 hrs
Johor to Perak 8 hrs
Johor to Perlis 11 hrs
Johor to Selangor 5 hrs
Johor to Singapore 1 hrs
Johor to Thailand 12 hrs
Kedah to Johor 10 hrs
Kedah to Kuala Lumpur 6 hrs
Kedah to Malacca 9 hrs
Kedah to Negeri Sembilan 9.30 hrs
Kedah to Perak 3 hrs
Kedah to Selangor 7 hrs
Kedah to Singapore 11 hrs
Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands 3 hrs
Kuala Lumpur to Johor 5:30 hrs
Kuala Lumpur to Kedah 7 hrs
Kuala Lumpur to Negeri Sembilan 1:30 hrs
Kuala Lumpur to Penang 5 hrs
Kuala Lumpur to Perak 3 hrs
Kuala Lumpur to Perlis 8 hrs
Kuala Lumpur to Singapore 6 hrs
Kuala Lumpur to Thailand 9 hrs
Malacca to Genting Highlands 4 hrs
Malacca to Johor 3.30 hrs
Malacca to Kedah 8 hrs
Malacca to Negeri Sembilan 1.30 hrs
Malacca to Perak 6 hrs
Malacca to Singapore 4.30 hrs
Malacca to Thailand 11 hrs
Negeri Sembilan to Johor 3 hrs
Negeri Sembilan to Kedah 9 hrs
Negeri Sembilan to Kuala Lumpur 2 hrs
Negeri Sembilan to Malacca 1.30 hrs
Negeri Sembilan to Penang 8 hrs
Negeri Sembilan to Perak 4 hrs
Negeri Sembilan to Perlis 11 hrs
Negeri Sembilan to Selangor 2 hrs
Negeri Sembilan to Singapore 4 hrs
Negeri Sembilan to Thailand 11 hrs
Pahang to Singapore 4:30 hrs
Penang to Johor 10 hrs
Penang to Kedah 1.30 hrs
Penang to Kuala Lumpur 6 hrs
Penang to Malacca 6:30 hrs
Penang to Negeri Sembilan 8 hrs
Penang to Pahang 9 hrs
Penang to Perak 2:30 hrs
Penang to Perlis 2:30 hrs
Penang to Selangor 6 hrs
Penang to Singapore 11 hrs
Penang to Thailand 3 hrs
Perak to Johor 8 hrs
Perak to Kedah 3.30 hrs
Perak to Kuala Lumpur 3 hrs
Perak to Malacca 4.30 hrs
Perak to Negeri Sembilan 4 hrs
Perak to Penang 2.30 hrs
Perak to Perak 1 hrs
Perak to Perlis 4 hrs
Perak to Selangor 4 hrs
Perak to Singapore 9 hrs
Perak to Thailand 5 hrs
Perlis to Johor 11 hrs
Perlis to Kuala Lumpur 7 hrs
Perlis to Perak 4 hrs
Perlis to Selangor 8 hrs
Perlis to Singapore 12 hrs
Selangor to Johor 5 hrs
Selangor to Kedah 7 hrs
Selangor to Penang 5:30 hrs
Selangor to Perak 3:30 hrs
Selangor to Perlis 7 hrs
Selangor to Singapore 6 hrs
Selangor to Thailand 8 hrs
Singapore to Cameron Highlands 9 hrs
Singapore to Genting Highlands 7 hrs
Singapore to Johor 2 hrs
Singapore to Kedah 11 hrs
Singapore to KLIA/LCCT 8:30 hrs
Singapore to Kuala Lumpur 5:30 hrs
Singapore to Malacca 4 hrs
Singapore to Negeri Sembilan 4 hrs
Singapore to Pahang 6 hrs
Singapore to Penang 10 hrs
Singapore to Perak 10 hrs
Singapore to Selangor 6 hrs
Singapore to Terengganu 12 hrs
Singapore to Thailand 13 hrs
Terengganu to Singapore 12 hrs
Thailand to Kuala Lumpur 7 hrs
Thailand to Malacca 9 hrs
Thailand to Negeri Sembilan 10 hrs
Thailand to Penang 3 hrs
Thailand to Perak 5:30 hrs
Thailand to Singapore 13 hrs



Bus Ticket to Malaysia - Singapore - Thailand (Hatyai)

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